I do:

  • paintings and sculptures
  • illustrations and graphic design
  • research applicable ESP, intuition and imagination
  • owlee.app

I provide these as a service in the form of

  • lectures
  • BA & MA courses
  • workshops
  • consulting
  • projects

I am interested in new experimental, creative and innovative stuff.

Brightcharger Sketch

30 years experience wrapped into 10 minutes

I meet nice and interesting people on the train, so also a week ago. We had a great conversation about innovation, technology and communication. The gentleman in question has in a very short time started a company, brightcharger.com. A great concept/product and I saw a promotional video which was still under wraps at the time. […]


Ajatus or Idea – a 4 hour workshop at Aalto, November 2017

In September 2016 I got an email from Aalto University’s  department of Arts. Would I like to give a workshop on how to get ideas. In the follow up phone call we spoke about the spectrum of ideas and my particular approach. The gentleman, a real artist himself, was very interested in the way I […]


Artificial Understanding

Here is my most favorite stage of the project Caloom. It deals with our foray into artificial understanding. Nick and I spend a lot of time trying and testing. We had no investment and limited computational resources. And still, we got great results. Our test case was comparing The Old Testament with the New Testament. […]