The basics

  • male—Dutch—from 1969—speaks Dutch, English, some Finnish, German and French
  • Attended 3 art schools (Willem de Kooning (Kunstakademie Rotterdam). Gerrit Rietveld Akademie (BA in Industrial Design), TAIK/UIAH (which is now Aalto)
  • married, 3 kids, dog and wooden house at a lake

Contact information:
Pappilanniementie 18
13880 Hattula
VAT: FI1543137-2

Member of the Service Design Network

CV and detailed work overview is here


    • do applied research on Extra Sensory Perception, creativity and imagination
    • photography, painting, illustrations and more creative stuff
      • whenever I got time I do the above
      • and build stuff out of wood for the home
      • fix stuff
    • UXS (User Experience & Service design) related teaching and consulting
      • manage teams of designers, developers, branding and sales people
      • support c-level people in better decision making
      • help startups to stand out, save time and create a better product
    • Teach in the form of MA&BA courses, lectures and workshops on creativity and how to develop and understand own creative processes
      • teach for example students and teaching to use their intuition in an hands-on way
      • coach and guide people to think more freely and find own limitations and surpass those
      • produce better results and faster


Past Activities:

always have been entrepreneurial and pro-active and started at the age of 8 in the flower fields in The Netherlands and got odd jobs till the age of 24, liked most working on the farm of Dirk Eriks in Groenveld, near my home town Schagen.

1996 – 2004

  1. design/product development consultant & researcher at university
  2. main roles as UX and service designer, product designer for corporations
  3. corporation has an IPR/patent → what products or services to make with this

2004 – 2005

  1. worked for TeliaSonera → delivered design strategy which got accepted and showed through gamification how the annoying waiting time in a product and service could be turned into an addictive game. Should have become the jr.VP of design after 6 months but I left.

2005 – 2008

  1. Fell into a small black hole… crawled out by doing ↓
  2. research on energy and financial markets → learned about logic, patterns and how I could be very wrong
  3. dabbled in semi professional photography → learned about taboos, differences in culture and myself and what I really like but ignored this still for the coming 8 years

2009 – 2017

  1. turned this above research into a product called Caloom & stopped Caloom in 2015
  2. UX consulting for quiet many startups in the web services and mobile app sphere
  3. started to paint again → learned to become more authentic by narrowing the gap between:
    1. public life
    2. private life
    3. secret life