The basics

  • male—Dutch—from 1969—speaks Dutch, English, some Finnish, German and French
  • Attended 3 art schools (Willem de Kooning (Kunstakademie Rotterdam). Gerrit Rietveld Akademie (BA in Industrial Design), TAIK/UIAH (which is now Aalto)
  • married, 3 kids, dog and wooden house at a lake


Personal goal

I have done a lot of introspection and self reflection in order to find out why I make certain mistakes again and again. The best method is one I concocted based an something Gabriel Garcia Marquez said to Gerald Martin during a conversation:
'everyone has three lives: a public life, a private life and a secret life'

At the time I was preparing for a lecture on being authentic and the next guiding formula came to mind:

IF : public = private = secret THEN : authentic

When being authentic I feel good, happy, content, healthy. I can see I function well in the world as people connect with me and the interactions are positive and often lead to more.

When I am authentic I produce better stuff. And when I make objects, paintings or photographs whilst being authentic I am pretty sure the quality is better and, the recipient receives through another channel more information about the intentions behind the works aside for the visual message.

My attitude is

(non-conformist)ⁿ and liking to go there where others hesitate, don't dare or simply refuse to goYou very likely get different points of view. Some comfortable and some less so perhaps. But the end result is going to be different because of that. It is not about being controversial, it is about finding the edges of how we experience things and go beyond that.
I like transitions as in the decay of plants or the aging in humans but also changes in societies and cultureYou like processes and show how the world is changing or, stays static. You go further than labeling the world as beautiful and ugly. The process of change and the appreciation of each phase is what interests you.
Looking at data, numbers, measurements and interested in both patterns and anomaliesYou want to dig in the true nature of things and go past the skin-deep understanding of our world. The noticed the connection which are often only obvious when pointed out and want to explore that thoroughly. Also you are seeking the intrinsic values, what makes something valuable by itself.

And I currently...

Past Activities:

always have been entrepreneurial and pro-active and started at the age of 8 in the flower fields in The Netherlands and got odd jobs till the age of 24, liked most working on the farm of Dirk Eriks in Groenveld, near my home town Schagen.


  1. design/product development consultant & researcher at university
  2. main roles as UX and service designer, product designer for corporations
  3. corporation has an IPR/patent → what products or services to make with this

2004 -2005

  1. worked for TeliaSonera → delivered design strategy which got accepted and showed through gamification how the annoying waiting time in a product and service could be turned into an addictive game. Should have become the jr.VP of design after 6 months but I left.

2005 - 2008

  1. Fell into a small black hole... crawled out by doing ↓
  2. research on energy and financial markets → learned about logic, patterns and how I could be very wrong
  3. dabbled in semi professional photography → learned about taboos, differences in culture and myself and what I really like but ignored this still for the coming 8 years

2009 - 2017

  1. turned this above research into a product called Caloom & stopped Caloom in 2015
  2. UX consulting for quiet many startups in the webservices and mobile app sphere
  3. started to paint again → learned to become more authentic by narrowing the gap between:
    1. public life
    2. private life
    3. secret life

I got no: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn page. I should have somewhere an Instagram profile... I do no tracking like with Google Analytics and barely ever looks at the page visits.

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