BA & MA courses

design&thinking, data visualisation

passionate and truly innovative

international students

Dynamic Visualization Design 2008 - 2017

Aalto University - MediaLab

Markku Reunanen (Aalto University)

"Jeroen has been a lecturer on the Dynamic Visualization 1 and 2 courses, where he’s taken care of a variety of duties: teaching, project tutoring and grading the assignments. He always does more than just the required minimum, comes up with new perspectives, and is very honest and thorough in his critique."

Info Graphics 2006 - 2007

Tampere University of Applied Sciences / Media Department
Teach how to think and analyze own thinking, business and product focused
Use mass media as an example of the power of communication
Students learn that their choices have consequences and influence

Product development 2002

Tampere University of Applied Sciences / International Business School

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General thoughts

Teaching is a 2-way street. I learn by teaching and the audience learns from me and from the interaction and dynamics. My world is colorful, very colorful, and I do not see it black and white. I do rarely present certainties but rather open doors and explore alternatives. My role as an educator it to help you to see, feel and understand a wider spectrum of options. And I am good at this, period.

I like to work with art and design students, or other creative fields. Creative in this context means when people need to come up with solutions, find odd ball combinations, try something out of the blue. If that is the spirit in your school then we have a match.

  • Art
  • Architecture, landscape and interior
  • Design (fashion, jewelry, industrial, service...)
  • Software development
  • Media and communication
  • Ideation (using e.g. ESP)
  • Feasibility studies
  • Creative output
  • demos and mock-ups