find the real problem
true innovation
useful products and services

Listen, listen and more listening. That is how it starts. What is the problem, the real problem?

For me consulting is about giving my experience and insights within an as short possible time span as effectively as I can to an organization with the notion I might never see them anymore. It is short, effective and to the point.

My expertise is in social innovation, interconnected services and future probabilities.I like to work on concrete products and service development projects. If you do something with the below, contact me if interested in getting something done

  • about communication
  • strong focus on utility and useful products
  • any project that deals with picking up subtle energies (Extrasensory-Perception or Psycho Physics)

I am strongest and most interested in:

I can do very fine:

Am little interested in managing day-to-day operations


Juhani Risku - Research Scientist, Innovation Lab at NTNU – IDI (formerly at Nokia)
Jeroen is one of the most enthusiastic and energetic innovators in IT and mobile industry I have worked with. He is extremely focused on concept and product essence and quality. This means continuous iteration of the idea and meaning to reach better versions for the services and products.

Jeroen has brilliant skills to communicate and coach ideas and teams. Because of his expertise on structuring concepts and strategies, practical visualization and communication it is easy for an organization to be motivated and efficient under his supervision.

Knowing Jeroen´s enormous arsenal of emerging innovations and concepts he can boost IT and mobile businesses in near and long term future. And if you already have an innovation or concept, You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet: let him to concept and redesign it and lead you to success.

I can highly recommend Jeroen


Patent awarded by Metso Automation where I worked as a client and project partner laying out possible P&S for the then future company called Avantone Oy.

Jani-Mikael Kuusisto (Metso Automation /Avantone)

"Jeroen has the ability to see the big picture in new product creation and often thinks outside the box. He is an excellent sounding board for ideation. He brought valuable insights on design thinking to our joint projects."


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I won't sign NDA after emails with confidential information are sent in the open.