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I started teaching when I was still at high school. I took over a few times the art class as the teacher was away and she saw my enthusiasm for helping my fellow students. I liked it but was not very much aware of me doing some actual teaching. When I arrived in Finland in 1995 my first teaching was in a pretty much similar situation: taking over a class. Only this time the teacher had no connection with the group and no results were made I got to hear. It was a group in the spatial planning department of then UIAH (TAIK) and which is now called Aalto university. I remember the course very well. Students were asked to redesign a not so attractive but important shopping center in East Helsinki. What surprised me was that they all designed by looking at a map and floor plans. I changed that and taught them to design while standing and walking around in the shopping center. They liked it and the results were great.

Ongoing teaching

In the years that followed up to 1998 I did some occasional teaching but soon I was fully emerged in design consulting. Only in 2008 or 2009 I began my ongoing teaching at Aalto's MediaLab together with Markku Reunanen. We teach together the Dynamic Design Visualisation course, he both the 2st and 2nd semester and me doing the 2nd semester.


Aalto University, Arts - 2017
Aalto University, Arts - 2016
Tallinn University of Technology (https://ttu.ee/en/) - 2016
Tallinn University 2016 (https://www.tlu.ee/en) - 2016
Estonian Business School 2016 (https://ebs.ee/en/) - 2016
Estonian Academy of Arts (http://www.artun.ee/en/) - 2015
Norden, Council for Nordic ministers - 2015
University of Art and Design Helsinki - 2008

Teach methods to drill down to the core of the problem and translate them into opportunities
Help them to see the fallacies in their logic

University of Art and Design Helsinki - 2008

“Complex Visual Information Design with a Power Plant and Power Grid as an example ” The role of the designer and how to start in a domain without domain expertise
Guest Lecturer at the Tampere Polytechnic University, “Info Graphics” course for 3rd and 4th year students

Tampere Polytechnic University 2006

how to visually express thoughts and concepts classroom teaching and coaching via E-mail

Tampere Polytechnic University 2002

motivating unmotivated students halfway their three month course; classroom teaching and coaching via E-mail.

University of Tampere -  1999

on Future Interfaces -department of Information Studies. a lively discussion on privacy issues ( group was known for not being great at discussing the subjects)

University of Art and Design Helsinki 1998

a lively discussion on privacy issues ( group was known for not being great at discussing the subjects). participation as consultant on a five day course on “Art and Information at the University of Art and Design Helsinki
successfully introduced to the diverse group of artists and designers the opportunities that ICT has to offer in the creative realm.

University of Art and Design Helsinki - 1996

at UIAH’s department of Interior and Furniture Design
took over dispirited international group of interior architecture students; guided them through the many facets of city planning by using alternative methods

Vocational School in Amsterdam - 1996

the use of Information Technologies in education. Created common ground between the “technology literate” and the “technology illiterate” groups; showed advantages and drawbacks of on-line teaching