Anomalous Cognition, sense making, applied intuition

art, creativity, design

government, industry & education

passionate, surprising & diverse

4 hours to 5 days
5 - 35 motivated people

Loovusfoorum 2015

Loovusfoorum 2015

I give workshops on creativity, intuition and idea generation. The context could for example the fine arts, product or service development, design and architecture. Customers have been industry, government and education. The aim is to balance theory with experimentation so the audience is doing stuff themselves.

Good results are obtained by doing, analyzing and doing again.

Recent workshop topics have been Design Thinking, Product & Service DevelopmentImagination & Creativity & Intuition, ESP Idea generation and validation. Here are the notes of the April 2017 "Ajatus" workshop which gives an idea of the kind of content I present. Depending on the audience the content can be broader or deeper, more about the history or more about the current state of affairs and application.

The generic setup for each workshop is

  1. Introduction and theory
  2. Exercises
  3. Assessing
  4. Wrapping up

a multi-hour workshop

Everything is compressed, quick and the focus is at getting "spike experiences", something you remember.

A multi-day workshop

  1. Introduction and theory
    1. fragments of videos of relevant researchers talking about their work
    2. references to scientific papers and experiments
    3. my explanation of these experiments and own illustrations
    4. how this relates to our top and how we can create own experiments
  2. Exercises
    1. introducing various experiments and looking at the results obtained by scientists
    2. looking into real-world, applicable uses
    3. Setting up the experiment and execute
  3. Assessing
    1. gather results and analyze and we pay special attention to exploring as many explanations as possible
    2. conclusions
  4. Wrapping up


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