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“Subjectively #2”

TitleSubjectively #2Date26 January 2016MaterialsAcrylic on paperDimensions68×68 cm Subjectively #2 The continuation of Subjectively #1, about organization, chaos, entropy, data and information emerging from it and subjectively interpreting it. How do you translate something that is not visible and not definable with a visual language into something that is visual? Mission impossible but therefor also...

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“Out of Blue”

TitleOut of BlueDate24 January 2016MaterialsAcrylic on paperDimensions68×68 cmThe discovery of a technique I like, scratching in the still wet paint so it uncovers previous (hidden) payers. This gave me an idea after a meditation last night. Actually now that I think of it, during my meditation I saw a funny (ob)scene of a female...

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Podcasts I listen to

I listen to maybe 2-5 podcasts irregularly. Some I can listen too each time as I find the quality, topics and interviewer consistent. Here are in random order my always listen to podcasts: Science Set Free Podcast Rupert Shelldrake I first heard about when I watched a Dutch TV series called “Een schitterend ongeluk”...

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