Hello, and welcome to my site.
My name is Jeroen Carelse. On this site I show some of my paintings, photographs, illustrations and one day, my sculptures. I also participate in some projects, among which is an art collective called “End of Darkness“.

In parallel to the above, I study the relationships between Creativity and Consciousness and Authenticity. In my previous life as a design consultant, I earned a patent on diffractive optics hence I presume to know something about light, colours and materials. And I have done loads of teaching.

I live and work in Finland where the summers are short and hot, and the winters long and cold. Note: my pre-2020 site is archived and is full of texts about creativity, art, teaching those things and all sorts of related matters. Now I do not want to write so much any more, hence this new site.

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Dutch Decay – the book

Date October 22, 2020

The Runes – Birth (2020)

Date October 19, 2020

Suomalaiset Vapauden Puolesta

Date October 15, 2020

Self portrait

Date March 25, 2020


Date January 26, 2020

Transition 4

Date January 16, 2020


Date April 14, 2019

Sculptured Plant

Date March 23, 2019