A new phase, again (and probably again once again)

Recently I stopped my involvement in a project/company (Caloom) I started in 2009 and stopped officially in the summer of 2015. In early 2016 I was asked by 2 Finnish investors to restart it and I said yes. In the beginning of 2017 3 of the 5 founders left and the 2 investors continued. The CEO, developer and myself wish them all the best of course.

The moment I made the decision to end my participation and walk out with my co-founders I also realized how valuable time is. 8 months I spent once more on something that had not brought in any income. Is this what I want to continue with. The short answer is no. I have done enough for free for other people and companies in this life-time and the next one.

Yesterday I had a good conversation with my former colleague and CEO of the above mention company. The question one the table was: what do you really want to do?

What is so wonderful or important that you like to wake up and say yes, I want to get my hands dirty again today and get stuff done?