Hi there and welcome to this page about me. I was born on the 25th of August in the glorious year 1969 in a small, but important village called Leek in the province of Groningen in The Netherlands. I am from Dutch/Frisian/German descent and spent most of my youth in a small village called Schagen in West Friesland.

I am fascinated by horoscopes, and feel strangely proud to have the same Chinese+ Western horoscope combination as Ingo Swan. Ingo Swan, the well-known artist, psychic and remote viewer, is like me a Virgo and Rooster. This is one of the birthdate horoscopes I like, and here the combined Virgo+ Rooster.

Some of you know me from my teaching or work or even private matters. But for those who don’t, I try to write something down, so it could help you to understand better the (il)logic of this site and the reason behind it.

Let me start with the reason behind this site, as it tells a lot about whom I currently am and have been for a long time. I like change, I like exploring new things, and I like to learn. I do not care much about being an expert in one or the other. My inspiration comes from all sorts, and often changing, areas in life. Often I end up in dark corners or taboo areas, but I sincerely am disgusted by activities involving the abuse of children and animals, and nature in general. As I venture into both the “bad and the good” I think very little is black and white per definition.

Evil exists, in my opinion, and my definition this far is something like

“doing intentionally bad things to others”. After that, it is to me a matter of how evil some act is. A matter of gradation.

So, I explore all sorts of things, but I have my strict limits of acceptance. In my work, though, I could easily touch upon some evil notions without the intention to condone it. People tend to confuse showing something with accepting or condoning something. Hence, you might find slightly upsetting and contradicting posts here. This is me, I think many conflicting and opposite thoughts.

Then I like my definition of Authenticity


You might have figured by now that one of my aims in life is to explore any area of interest, forego taboos and politically correct claptrap, and bring it into the light. In other words, dive into an (alleged) secret, dark world and bring it into the public, like posting something on this site.

I believe that the above has helped me tremendously in the past when I needed to come up with great product and service concepts. Those were not wild ideas, but viable from an economic and increasingly environmental perspective. And with environmental, I certainly do not mean the “Climate Change” narrative. Environmental in the sense of raping the planet to for example build lithium batteries or windmills…

Anyhow, I do not mince any words and that is who I am.

All of this makes me a pretty relaxed and free-feeling person. I do not feel I have to abide to any religious, political or cultural dogma. I think what I think, and I act as I want to act as long as I do not intentionally hurt others, or other things.

My goals are:

  • Bringing closer my secret, private and public life in order to feel (or be) more authentic and test if this makes me more creative and free
  • Explore consciousness in my way, not bound by dogma and preconceived notions
  • Live harmoniously with my Folk and kin, and my natural surroundings
  • Create more art and more new ideas which I can turn into … something
  • Teach people about the above list and how it could help them as well

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