The basics:

male—Dutch—from 1969—speaks Dutch, English, some Finnish, German and French

Attented 3 art schools (Willem de Kooning (Kunstakademie Rotterdam). Gerrit Rietveld Akademie (BA in Industrial Design), TAIK/UIAH (which is now Aalto)


  • (non-conformist)ⁿ
  • working hard to do the things I LOVE and drop those things I like less
  • Looking at data, numbers, measurements and interested in both patterns and anomalies
  • Liking to go there where others hesitate, don't dare or simply refuse to go

Interests (in random non-order):

digital physics, extrasensory perception (PSI, 6th sense,...) and psychokinesis (PK), digital realities, artificial understanding, consciousness, remote viewing, simulation theories, cognitive anomalies

  1. itching to work on the practical application of the above
  2. ideas, innovation, branding, art, design and education come naturally to me
  3. when time allows I dabble gardening, outdoors, magick, woodwork, and building stuff music, sounds, and communication


  • 2007 - 2017 teach Dynamic Visualization Design at Aalto university
  • consult some companies on UX stuff, make illustrations and do brand consulting
  • give workshops on creativity and how to develop own creative processes (by using ESP)
  • Looking for opportunities in the fields of visuals, sounds, creativity

Past Work:

always have been entrepreneurial and pro-active and started at the age of 8 in the flower fields in The Netherlands and got odd jobs till the age of 24, liked most working on a agricultural farm near his home town.

1996 ⇒ design/product development consultant & researcher at university
main roles as UX and service designer, product designer
corporation has an IPR/patent → what products or services to make with this

2004 ⇒ worked for TeliaSonera → delivered design strategy which got accepted and showed through gamification how the annoying waiting time in a product and service could be turned into something fun.

2005 - 2008 ⇒ research on energy and financial markets

2009 ⇒ turned this research into a product called Caloom & stopped Caloom in 2015

I got no: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn page. I should have somewhere an Instagram profile...