2016, Happy My Year My Dear

My spouse and I had a wonderful evening at our friends’ place (Jarl and Jukka) yesterday and met some great people. I noticed I rather ask about someone else work than talking about my own. It is still so fragile, so, lucid and I can sometimes not grasp my own thoughts.  But talking about my own work forces me to think, to analyse my thoughts and the above mentioned hard to grasp things.

It brings once again together my deep interest in ESP and art. When I get an idea I try to register what goes on in my mind and body, those are the elements I sort of control and am aware of most of the time. I know a few things:

  • it is about combining concepts which are not combined (by me)
  • it is about questioning the world I live in (not necessarily your world)
  • it is about finding the essence, what do I really want to tell
  • it is about knowing that my answer, translated into a painting or other object, is only the first next step
  • it is about finding my inner critic and defeating it
  • it is about making a step at a time in being authentic
  • it is about me

2016 is My year, in this year I succeed. My success is a sum of achieving and dealing with the above. It is not about money but money is fine, lots of money is fine too and a ridiculous amount of money is fine too. When I can be authentic and work from that seemingly unlimited resource I am happy.

All the best to you, on whatever life journey you are.