A blog, finally

Years ago I reserved this blog address and maybe even caloom.wordpress.com for times when I thought I had time to write. As time passed by computers changed, passwords got lost and all blog writing ideas got further and further pushed away.

I have to see if I actually do have access to caloom.wordpress.com and if not then I start blog.caloom.com as suggested by a good friend and collaborator. But why now? Why now finally pick up the tab and start? Frustration is the answer. I wish I could say “love” or anything positive but it simply ain’t true.

I have been called many things in my life and most are not worth repeating. One person, a programmer, called me a “sales person” and I never figured out if he wanted to insult me or it was his way of telling me I can tell great stories. Of course I hope the latter. And this is what I can do, tell stories.

Since childhood I have seen in my mind’s eye or through some other unknown to me mechanism, things likely to happen in the future. I mean not the next split second but a good 5 to 10 years from now. At first I though it was nonsense but when a few, or many, events actually occurred in one way or the other I began to see it differently of course.

One error I made was to talk about these things. Now when looking back it felt like the medieval times when the Roman Church ruled and burnt everything and everyone that got in the way of their doctrine. Luckily that has changed as far as I know but people less so. This combined with short term memory and me not writing this down and depositing the “seeings” at a notary resulted in being called another slew of unpleasantry.

And so it goes… in Slaughterhouse speak.

Much I have learned or think I have learned over the years on “seeing” the future. I keep my mouth shut and write the most important notions down for own consumption. The future changes and what I see is certainly not always happening. Big lines yes but perhaps everyone sees those. Do I care: no.

This blog are ideas about now and the near future, about opportunities mainly I hope but I do have a tendency to see the darkness as well. Let there be light, a reminder to myself. Let me focus on good stuff and create the dreams I want to be my or our future.