Artist Statement (updated 8 September 2021)

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Born in 1969 in The Netherlands, I have always been drawing and fond of the visual world. The first drawing I remember caused a bit of a controversy in my family, as my parents believed one of my older brothers must have drawn it. I was perhaps 2 years old when I made this:

The drawing was something like this, an aeroplane in perspective view from above

I have no formal academic training in fine arts, aside of two general courses on art materials and drawing and painting. Most of my career I have spent time on inventing products, services and processes. In my new career as an artist, I do the same. I feel this enormous drive, even rush, to create, improve and get better.

I always wanted to paint and did do some painting in my youth. Only during my time at the art school, I ran into a painter’s block that would last for about 25 years. Of course, I wish I would have persevered, had built a large portfolio and could choose “my best works”. Life turned out to be something different and here I am: starting from scratch.



The best process I could come up with, was to produce anything that comes to mind and then publish it. This public exposure triggers this urge in me to do better than last time. With this approach, I also test my 1st Law of Creativity, namely, can I forego my inhibitions, fears and doubts? If so, is my work clear enough to be “my” work and thus authentic?

Jeroen’s First Law of Authenticity


There is also a technical side to my process which reflects back onto my research/design character. I paint with five colours, a limited palette. These colours are:

  • Yellow (Cadmium yellow hue)
  • Red (Cadmium red hue)
  • Burnt Umber
  • Blue (Phthalocyanine Blue)
  • White (always a tint in the paint so not a non-colour)

This limited palette is a big challenge for me, but I hope to discover something interesting through this limitation. At least I learn more about the workings of colour.


In my works, I look for the essence of my thinking, and then find ways to express those visually. The thoughts that often come to mind are the big concepts about our existence: life and death, beauty and ugliness, the sacred and profane, love and hate, fear and joy. I like to explore the dynamics and transitions between these

My paintings, photos and sculptures definitely build upon my previous career as someone who looked deeply into true innovation, processes and ways to visualize complexity. I try to find the essence in complex matters such as life and death, and then express that in an attractive form. I prefer not to be bound to a certain style, as I see value in the proper usage of style as a means to strengthen my expression of a theme.