Attitudes & Values

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My personal philosophy centres around a few core concepts. You find those in my interaction with the outside world as a teacher, an artist or friend.


Accountability is at the centre, be accountable for your actions. I make errors, some with small consequences and some with larger consequences. I try to minimize the damage and avoid as much as I can to inflict pain and damage onto others. An error turns into a mistake when you refuse to face it and deal with it. More here...


Jeroen’s 1st Law of Creativity:

IF : publicLife == privateLife == secretLife
THEN : Authentic

With this I mean that a truly authentic person has no secret for himself, nor for the world around him. Only at that stage he can be himself and act as himself. This is easier said than done, but a good measure anyway. In my point of view, an authentic person has a much higher probability to create work of which others say: that is so typical your work.

Speak your truth

When I see injustice, I speak about that. I do avoid blanket statements and generalizations. Here comes authenticity and accountability together. Unfortunately, we live in a world where neither is high on the personal agenda.