Coding – general thoughts

Since my late teens I have been exposed to computers and it’s software. For one reason or the other I never got into learning how to program even though it always fascinated me. It seems like a kind of alchemy, creating something out of nothing. Of course there is lots needed so the “nothing” should be taken with great liberty.

One of the problems I felt was that in order for me to do something, I need (or think I need) to understand the big picture first. It’s like try to cross the ocean without an understanding how big it is and how deep it is, what kind of creatures I might encounter. In other words: fear for the unknown.

This is such a contrast with most of the other activities in my life. I often step into the unknown and simply explore and react. This is going to be a journey into the unknown again and as I now feel liberated from my self induced shackles I start once again on this voyage and simply want to learn and have fun. The destination is a relatively humble application with great social behaviour changing potential.

So here the journey and blog starts, 2 tutorials I have already started to follow:


My thought right now is to write some up on each of the tutorials and how I experience them. Do I understand it, what questions do I have at which point. This mostly to motivate myself to go further and trying to understand what is going on rather than skipping over things and assuming I know.