How my successful MA study got lost

This is going to be a post about frustration. It pops up in my life the moment I interact with educational institutions or online job applications.

When I emigrated from The Netherlands to Finland I was halfway my studies at the Gerrit Rietveld Akademie. The idea was to spend 6 months in Helsinki at the University of Art and Design at the Industrial Design department. As life goes never to plan it seems I stayed in Finland.

During my 6 months I started to study at the then newly formed Design Leadership “unit”. While being there I was asked by MediaLab to work on research projects. I worked on 2 papers:

  • Information Overload
  • Digital Television

Shortly after that was done the department of Spatial Design, headed by Jan Verwijnen, asked me to come and work there. As during my MediaLab time I had lost more than 6 months of my study time to do research I agreed with the Spatial Design department to convert my research hours into ECTS credits.

The next 3 years I worked on various service design projects, Viraps, Virsisu and SofaNet .The 3 years I spent on these projects would have given me more than enough credits. Jan held all the information but the swift and unfortunate passing of Jan disappeared also all the information about our agreement and the actual data on how much I had worked.

Years later the almost retired secretary of the department, Birgitta, helped me to find the data but to little avail. Everyone in the department knew the work I had done, including teaching assignments. But the archive had very little to offer. Here is the information that could be found plus my comments in red.

I make this public as it is a recurring issue that I cannot resolve. The only things I can do is accept this and start over with an MA study. But as I am simply to busy I cannot find time to do this, yet.