Track Free Website

I should make an icon for this: Track Free Website

Update: former student of mine and now friend, Akshay Roongta, pointed me to which has the right icons already made, yes!

In any case, I am on a self hosted wordpress site and experimented with google analytics. It works, I  get some insight in how many or few people arrive at these pages and what they do. Then I noticed a few things:

  1. I waste my time at google-analytics
  2. I do not care about who comes here, instead I care if someone offers me work or some good info
  3. regularly adding a blog post AND sharing it via twitter or facebook or linkedin increases the number of visitors

As I do not plan to put adds here or create affiliate programs I decided this afternoon to disable the google-analytics code.

No tracking, no ads and no affiliates

It is only me here.