What am I good at?

When I write these little post I got 2 voices in my head. One is the character Carrie from Sex and the City. She speaks out loud her musings about life and work and such. The other is Brooks Jensen of my all time favourite podcast Lenswork. Both reflect on life, on work and ponder all sorts of questions.
I hear them talk about these little pieces of wisdom. About fundamental questions we never get the answer to. There are a few projects on my table right now, some paid for and the one without is with my friend Laszlo. We work on a nice little service that benefits the people.
Why do this? To start with, no one has asked us to do this. I want to prove myself I can design an app in a very short time. And we both like working on something innovative and challenging. I read an relevant article then other day. The article talks about that it would take 4-6 months to build a decent app (with back-end?) by 2-4 people and the costs range from 100k to much much more. We started in January and hope to get the first version out there in late this month (February) or early March.
When you got a great partner to work with and you both can give and take things can go very fast. We have direction and focus on some core issues. And some concepts needs flushing out still. In the end it boils down to trusting people and liking what you do. If one of these is not there: stop
I had to learn to count till 10 before sharing my thoughts. I also had to learn to give other people’s idea a chance and not judge it (if I thought I disagreed). More often than not, the ideas I disagreed with ventured at first into an alien direction. But in the end was not that different from what I would have wanted to achieve. It was, different. Years later in life I see I have indeed learned a lot. Am I good at learning after all?