Adviser in innovative Service Design strategies

The big picture

My brain, mind and consciousness act in such a way that I make very easily cross connections between yet unconnected concepts. This is one reason why I generate original ideas very quickly. Creating innovative product and service ideas is one of my strengths, and I offer this as a professional service for your organisation.

The outcomes are genuinely new service and product ideas, eye-opening business concepts and a great time together. An ideation workshop creates the basis for further exploration which eventually leads to new products and services, way ahead of the competition or even the establishment of a new market.

We can take a few weeks to develop the concept to a stage where your in-house team can confidently continue. When we commit a few months we got one or more products up and running and at the end of this period, I educate someone else who then takes over the day-to-day operations.


Information Communication Technologies, Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Creative Industries, Education Sector

The offering

Every organisation is unique, every new product and service is unique. Deliverables cannot be defined in great detail but I can list at a conceptual level what will be delivered.