The big picture

My brain, mind and consciousness act in such a way that I  make very easily cross connections between yet unconnected concepts. This is one reason why I generate original ideas very quickly. Creating innovative product and service ideas is one of my strengths, and I offer this as a professional service for your organisation.

The outcomes are genuinely new service and product ideas, eye-opening business concepts and a great time together. An ideation workshop creates the basis for further exploration which eventually leads to new products and services, way ahead of the competition or even the establishment of a new market.

We can take a few weeks to develop the concept to a stage where your in-house team can confidently continue. When we commit a  few months we got one or more products up and running and at the end of this period, I educate someone else who then takes over the day-to-day operations.


Information Communication Technologies, Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Creative Industries, Education Sector

The offering

Every organisation is unique, every new product and service is unique. Deliverables cannot be defined in great detail but I can list at a conceptual level what will be delivered.



deliverables: product ideas, roadmap, team specification, market definition and growth paths

methods: lateral thinking, creativity stimulation, trend forecasting


deliverables: Ideation + mockups, UX tests, visual designs, wire-frames, product specs and documentation

methods: team building, market definition, usability testing and content strategy


deliverables: Concept + Minimal Viable Product, user testing, documentation and product launch (1)

methods: Project Management, after-product-life strategies, design quantification, business model development

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(1) MVP & product launch is dependent on many factors such as the scope and scale of the concept. It depends on the conditions we have agreed on at the beginning of the concept. My starting point is that everybody is willing to work hard as a team and that the resources and mandates are in place.

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