Artificial Muscles And A Toilet (1995)


From memory:

10% of the world population has problems with their bowels. Research has shown that some of it can be alleviated by a different posture during the toilet visit. Design the toilet of the future…

My Solution

I misread the brief, at least that is what I thought back then. Now I see it slightly different. I did not read the brief carefully and I went on the study taboos related to talking about bowel syndromes of sorts. Only 3 days before the deadline I realized I had to come up with a concrete toilet design…huh?

The short time, the temporary panic, the quick recovery from that set the stage for being receptive to new ideas. I got mine while strolling through the nearby forest in Schoorl (The Netherlands). I was helping my daughter, 2+ years at the time, to take a pee. She didn’t feel confident to squat herself  so I assisted her by letting her sit on my hand and rest her back against my lower arms.

I felt how she relaxed and let nature do her thing. This was a light bulb moment, I knew how that toilet of the future should look like and how it should behave. The rest followed with ease.