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On this page you find Basic information about Jeroen Carelse. I am mostly interested in painting, photography and other creative endeavours. In 2018, I thought I would focus on consciousness research but decided to stop that and reasons can be found at this page.

I paint because I want to know what I see. I do not paint to reproduce reality, that cannot be reproduced and I cannot be bothered either.

I paint because I want to understand how I see. I do not paint because I think I understand reality or see it correctly. I think reality is beyond my understanding.

I paint because I like to mix paint and apply it onto a surface. The smooth buttery substance, it is simply delicious.

I paint because I learn about myself, a lot. I learn about my fears, my insecurities, my passions, my progress.

Above all, I paint because it is about me and my best chance to explore who I truly am and be free. Most of this also applies to why I take photographs.

Much about who I am or how I act can be distilled from my Big Five personality assessment pages. My posts document my process and, I am not that much interested in the technical end result. If it is good it is good, if not, well so be it. What I am interested about is telling my story as good as I can. Both the technique and the story telling requires time and effort to get it right. I am working on it.

This is me when I was around two years old.

I must have been around the age of two or three when I said to my mother “I want to create beautiful surroundings for people“. Have I succeeded? At around the mid-point of my life I can say I had a pretty messy start, but I am on my way now. My interpretation at this stage is that I should express myself in paintings and other visual forms. In contrary to my previous life (career) what I do now gives me tremendous energy whereas before I felt drained at the end of the day.

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After my high school, I spent some years doing the odd bits of work before I entered the Willem de Kooning (Kunstakademie Rotterdam). My time at this institution was short-lived and I got to hear “to follow as a sheep or find another school”. And, so I went to do the odd jobs only to find my favourite school: Gerrit Rietveld Akademie. I left in my third year with a BA in Industrial Design to the University of Applied Arts in Helsinki which is now Aalto University.

As a painter I am self taught. During my art education I have enjoyed perhaps 3 or 4 paint courses of all sorts.

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I am not affiliated with any political party or politically oriented group. Nor do I do religions and I generally do not care much for belief systems. Memberships or hierarchical organizations is not my thing.

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