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On this page you find Basic information about Jeroen Carelse. Detailed character traits you can find at my Big Five personality assessment pages. Throughout the site you shall learn more about me and my interests.

This is me when I was around two years old.

Hello, I am a male born in 1969 in the historically important town Leek, in the Northern province Groningen in The Netherlands. Dutch is my mother tongue with English as my second language. If I would live in Germany or France for a couple of weeks or months I could speak those languages pretty okay again. Even though I have lived in Finland longer than in any other country, the language has remained a problem. I do understand much of the Finnish language but speaking and writing is a no-go for now. 

The SRV lorry I saw at the age of two was very similar

My first conscious memory is from when I was two years old. I remember sitting in the baby pram in the front garden of our home on Oudeschild, Texel in the Netherlands. In front of our house stood a food lorry (SRV wagen) with the door open and, I assume my mother was inside the lorry. There was music playing but over time I might have mixed up two songs. In other words, I do not know for sure what was the music that I heard.

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Carelse Ay

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My education

After my high school, I spent some years doing the odd bits of work before I entered the Willem de Kooning (Kunstakademie Rotterdam). My time at this institution was short-lived and I got to hear “to follow as a sheep or find another school”. And, so I went to do the odd jobs only to find my favourite school: Gerrit Rietveld Akademie. I left in my third year with a BA in Industrial Design to the University of Applied Arts in Helsinki which is now Aalto University.

And my non-affiliations

I am not affiliated with any political party or politically oriented group. Nor do I do religions and I generally do not care much for belief systems. Memberships or hierarchical organizations is not my thing.

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