2020-2021 – what I have learned

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The past 12 months have been very intriguing, to say the least. Quite a few friends or acquaintances have stopped to talk to me. People in general have got even further divided. Some people who I considered sane turned out to be, well, just not that reasonable.

Of course, the assumption is that I have stayed in touch (if possible), and sane. Most of that assumption is correct, although I also raised some of my fences in self-protection. My world view has been so different from many of the people I know that the past 12 months had not many surprises in it.

Yes, the story about the virus and all the abuse that came with it, and is still ongoing, was of course not predicted by me. The reactions though, I expected. Panic, panic by those who have been asleep for the past decades. And panic turned into full submission by the majority of people.

But I have been so productive that, aside of the lingering threats of also this society being destroyed by the psychopathic decision makers, much of the drama went past me. Of course, I lead a pretty isolated existence in the first place so the government forcing people to stay inside or forcing businesses to close doors I barely noticed.

I started to read medical research very early on, in March. In fact, I simply continued in a more intense manner what I have been doing for the past 20 years. But what good is there to reading and knowing when one cannot apply it? Here I realized how severe the belief by most people in the institutions actually is.

People do not read, but rather belief. How many times I tried to get someone to read for her- or himself a research paper, and the responses were nearly all the same:

  • Do you really think you know better? → No, but these people who wrote the paper do
  • Do you really think that politicians/doctors/journalists wilfully lie? → yes
  • My son has studied medicine, and he says that… → He should be ashamed of himself

Of course, I could continue the list but the point I try to make I hopefully did already. People do not read and rather belief some imagined authority.

I always have maintained that freedom starts within. My last 20 or so years of teaching have been about teaching people to wake up and begin to read and study instead of watching TV or rely on a “newspaper”. And here we are in 2021, a society with so many people ignorant of what they let inject into their body. All because they believe, but, do not know.