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When one is held accountable for actions good and bad, much misery and suffering shall be eradicated in this world. I also think that when accountability is taken away from people, for example politicians, the worst personality traits begin to surface and overtake. This, I think, is partially because of the lack of a proper feedback cycle.

This is not limited to politicians, anyone in a protected position, be it for example a lawyer, a CEO, a scientist or wealthy individual, has too much leeway to further her or his ideology. If this ideology is wrought with moral or ethical dysfunctional concepts, those ideas will come to the fore and likely be implemented.

Over the years I have become more and more convinced of the importance of the spiritual world, the world of Self. Our notion of this reality is way too limiting. For all sorts of reasons we consider this world purely physical, made of stuff. I, and many with me, see this world as a virtual reality or as an illusion from the perspective of it not being made of stuff.

Our literal vision of the world is limited to what the eyes and our nervous system can register and compute. I think there is much more to be seen, beyond this narrow visual and audio bandwidth. When you once come to that realization, regardless if it can be proved or not, your world view has already begun to shift.

This image is, or was, an example for a new Dutch magazine to illustrate the miracles that happened on and around 911. The request was explicit: we look for illustrators please send us some example(s). There came no reply.

In my consciousness research and by reading that of, and talking with, others I do see this interconnectedness many speak of. I also see that we, humans, are not the only conscious entities. Many works have been done by psychiatrists, therapists, scientists to figure out what goes on behind the veil we could call physical matter reality.

We are not alone, our (VR) world is also occupied by others. Some of these others have aligning and “good” intentions, others have not. As we need water and food, some need negative emotions like anger, greed, disgust. When a human is free to pursue whatever she or he likes as there is no one holding her or him accountable: the worst may very well come to surface and flourish.

Here is where “the other” could begin to influence the human. Even though they are not from this world, they are certainly of this world. Old ideas of “dark forces” influencing humans may not be such a strange and outrageous idea.

On purpose, I do not put references here to research or other sources. I am done with that as I think if you are on this path already you recognize the above. If you are not on this path but still curious then you shall find your path. If you find this all goobly-gook then no amount of research will persuade you. So be it.