Ganzfeld Experiment 1

This is a raw description of my first ganzelfde experiment. It is more meant as a start for finding the right format for documenting this than sharing it with the world. But it works for me better if I share it, carrot and stick principle 😀

  • This is my first ganzfeld experiment
  • 10 minutes pink noise
  • 2 red led light bulbs in photo lamp
  • sitting on comfy old chair

I was tired an hour before I started but when I started I didn’t feel that anymore.
Had eaten 30 minutes ago

Start 1956
it felt ok, nothing special but I thought how long I could site here as 10 minutes seemed a very long time
I had no understanding of time as I later found out
many thoughts at first, daily things and related to this experiment
somewhere halfway I think I began to yawn and closed my eyes for a short moment, 1-2 seconds
I listened to the noise and thought I picked up some metallic voices speaking in a foreign language, like a mis-tuned radio station
had to yawn again a few times
very little thoughts I had after the halfway moment
And suddenly it was over, 10 minutes gone by as if it were 2 or 3 minutes at best. I lost seriously track of time and cannot say anything about what I thought or heard at what point in the experiment. Start, maybe halfway and end are my only markers.