Ganzfeld Experiment 2 & Outcome

Basic ganzfeld setup:

  • red lamp
  • white but translucent goggles
  • reclining chair
  • 10 minute pink noise


  • no clear sense of time after, what could it be 2 minutes
  • first minutes daily ramblings going through my mind combined with increasingly longer periods of silence


  • setting the intention: alining lottery numbers of this evening’s draw with my lottery numbers of this evening
  • after maybe 2 minutes I felt more at ease, happy feelings emerging
  • repeating the intent and stimulating/encouraging creation of happy feelings, like butterflies in your belly
  • begin to hear once again these metalic voices in the far distance. I think this is part of the pink noise track, will replcae the track with a newly generated
  • suddenly the time was over


I did the lottery numbers before I did the ganzfeld session, 4 rows automatically choosen

This morning I checked the results: doubled my input