Ganzfeld experiment 3 & Outcome

Update:19 December 2015: 15:18

Daughter called this afternoon “dad, did you win some in the lottery?”

Me: “noooooo”

She: “Well, someone in Hattula has won about a million euros, it was not you?”

Me: “No, I wish”Same setup as always, see previous post on ganzfeld

I set intention to align my next lotto session with the next winning lotto draw.

Pink noise 10 minute session was not easy, too much disturbances in the house. Dog came and put his head on my lap several times and I could not stay quiet for long. But it felt good and relaxing and I enjoyed. Pink noise went by very fast as usual.

Then I continued in brown noise, which is softer and more gentler. It felt better and I could focus on my breathing. But time went slow, very slow. At some point I closed my eyes and in a short while dark red turned into bright light, white. I continued breathing and focused on my breathing. No reaction, no judgement nor questioning what it was. I managed well and I stayed in the white or bright light.

Then I saw a landscape, I could observe and not interact. Felt familiar but from long ago. Have no idea where this was and whether or not it was my imagination or some place else.I bought a ticket from the supermarket a day after I did the above sessions. 2 rows automatically chosen: 1 number correct