Ganzfeld experiment 4 & outcome


Was checking the results of the lotto of yesterday and saw that now someone in Pälkäne has won 1+ million euros. That is around the corner from here! In my previous ganzfeld experiment someone form my little village won 1+ million euros.

What is going on?Same setup as always, see previous post on ganzfeld

I set intention to align my next lotto session with the next winning lotto draw. This time I keep repeating all sorts of positive outcomes in my mind. It was 10 minutes of super positive repetition. Well, the results were disastrous. I felt not a moment this wonderful peace that can come over me when I meditate in the traditional way or through the listening to pink or brown noise or any other form.I did it online, 5 rows auto fill and paid for it.

These are the results:

lottery 19 december 2015

lottery 19 december 2015