Ganzfeld goggles a lá Jeroen

An experiment I wanted to do for some years: a Ganzfeld experiment
Above are the finished goggles, this version, the abrasive version, done in about 10 minutesI bought 2 pairs of googles from a local car supply store for 2,90€ each. The Acetone and brush I already had. The first version is with acetone only. In the photo above you see all I used for this version.I took the flat glass (plastic) out of the frame and applied 2 times a layer of acetone. Then I put it back into the frame and applied another layer. I don’t think more than 2 layers is needed, maybe even 1 suffices as I didn’t see any useful differences.A close up.Not really satisfied and keen on more experiments I took the sanding machine and first tried a fine paper. No good really, then I stuck on the 40 grit and off we went.Surprisingly enough I could also sand the flexible PVC frame. It went a bit more difficult as it flexes and the sanding only takes place there where my finger tips were pushing against the sanding triangle, or vice versa. Still, it was workingAnd the result. When you put it on it actually works pretty well. Not much, if any, of the outside world. Some areas of the frame that I could not reach that show detail but not disturbingly so I hope.

10 minutes and 2,90€, not bad!