Insanely busy

While much of the Western world is either going totally crazy or is forced to a standstill, I am insanely busy. Some for the public good projects aside, much of my past months I have spent on CAD work. There was some occasional teaching but this whole online or distant teaching is not my thing. I shall politely pass on the next offer.

This made me pause for a moment and realize how precious time and people can be. It is easy to forget what all happens to one’s soul when you meet someone. The notion of soul (self, higher-self, consciousness) also came back in the form of a series of talks with Tom Zinser on his work as a psycho-therapist.

Who are we actually, and how do we connect in different ways to different people? I see how so many confused people justify darkness to get to the light, how strange. Their violence, their hatred and then forcing people to agree with them is their mindset. But, they do not realize how we are not only connected in this lifetime, but also in past and future ones.

Darkness and evil, the topic of the Tom Zinser talk at Skeptiko. How profound that was and how much akin to what I wrote about on consciousness. Not the same, I did not write about darkness and evil before. But the concept of this reality being a phase through which we pass and then transform back into our original state: consciousness.