Origins of Time Lapse

There is this magical place I can go to where I see and experience the art I should make. The key to unlock this place is a good piece of music, more often than not it is classical music. I suppose I can also sit back and relax and visit this magical place but I love to listen to music and then it comes as a bonus.“Time Lapse” is a continuation of a series of to be made objects about getting lost in space and time. This started a year ago when I was exposed (once again) to the work by Nikolai Kozyrev. It all might be true or not, I do not care, what I do care about is what inspires me to use those experiments as mental raw materials for my creative output. I look at the world mostly through those lenses.Sketches from my sketchbook on “Time Machine”. Large golden or silver mirrors in particular shape and formThese memories came back to me when I watched a video see, below, produced by Jürgen Ziewe, a German born graphic designer/illustrator and 1 and 1 came together as loads of images and descriptions and I knew what would be my first next steps. “Time Lapse” is about nearing the light at the end of the tunnel, projected as 8 slices.[vimeo id=”114123035″ align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

Now I experiment with materials, colors and spacing. The rotation and dimensions of the circle and square are based on the Fibbonaci numbers but they should not have any special meaning other than that I needed a sequence of numbers and those came to mind.