Quantum PK and ESP

I read this morning a very short introduction to a podcast on quantum quackery and the frequent use of the word quantum. There was the video #3 and this triggered my interest and got an idea. There are 4 actors in this idea:

  1. Thomas Campbell who speaks of everything is information and about nudging within the probability space
  2. William Tiller and his experiments on lowering the Ph level of water through meditative practices/ intense focus, here one of the papers explaining the experiment and results. More whitepapers here.
  3. a video called “Quantum Mechanics for Dummies” by LondonCityGirl
  4. Stephen Morris’ video on how a very small domino piece eventually caused a very large piece to tumble over

Tiller’s experiment is about positive hydrogen ions or protons to loose their bond with the H2O molecule. Over time, the water has become more acidic, or less acidic depending on the intention set prior or during the experiment. The thoughts or intentions or mental focus, or something else entirely, causes changes in the Ph level of a sealed and distant vessel of carefully monitored water.

There are likely more than one explanation and the one I start with is:

did the experiment make changes in the Ph measuring devices itself.

The next questions that comes to mind are:

could it also be possible to change the Ph level at an instance instead of over a longer period of time?
This could be akin the double slit experiment where the effect of observing or not observing instantly affected the outcome.
Could it be a cascading effect like shown in Stephen Morris' domino video?
A sort of chain event? But would it stop the moment the meditators stop focussing their intent? And does intent actually play a role here?

Bill Bengston has the opinion that intention has nothing or not much to do in his healing-mice-from-cancer experiments. Stephen Braude likely would want to know the role of the possible ESP or PK  of anyone else involved in the experiment or not related to the experiment.

There is so much we do not yet really know. One thing we do know:

It was a well-done experiment with real, in our reality, results. The implications are huge, and this is not an understatement. Imagine for a moment that the brain, the mind, the soul or whoever or whatever can consciously make changes in matter in our shared reality. Maybe this is not like switching the electricity switch to turn on the light, maybe this is more like a musician needing to practice a lot or like a savant who has instant access to abilities. Maybe it is skill or talent – do I smell the nature-nurture discussion here?

I find this really exciting even though is also scares the crap out of me as misuse is easily imagined. Let’s hope for karma then 😉