Time Lapse In Copper & Cardboard

layered art concrete negative light copper spaced

The time lapse series is an inquiry in, see about the origins of this project here…:

  • staring at the work and feeling a shift in orientation, are you dragged into the hole?
  • can this be done without falling back on “effects”
  • what distances, sizes, proportions work
  • what if you look for a longer time at it, what happens
  • is there a difference between the negative and positive piece

This is all part of a larger study that totally fascinates me and that is if I can use ESP (extrasensory perception) in my art. This works in various ways I guess.

By doing, making and creating I do get in a state of meditation and more and more a state of bliss. I feel great and get into this flow. Most artists and people doing creative stuff will recognize this. Even when you run, listen to music you love or are distracted in another way this very well pops up. It is not exclusive to making arts that is for sure.

Then I am curious if I could create some art (or shapes or tools) that induce this state. But what is needed for that? I think that my intent is key here but a pleasing and maybe mysterious object could be part of it as well. This is a huge question and I have no answers other than:

it probably is very subjective

A third aspect I find fascinating is:

can I make something that helps people to amplify their ESP abilities.

In an odd way I cannot yet put into words I have this feeling all of the above belong to one and the same blob of some sort…These are the first 2 sculptures in a series of 3d mock-ups to test my ideas. I do some A/B testing on screen and the continue working in cardboard and eventually in real copper sheets itself. It makes no sense to me to waste copper on my early tests and I love to present the ideas in a realistic form to friends and people around the internets.The same 34x34cm copper sheets as above but now more spacing in between them.34x34cm virtual cardboard sheets. I test now the impact of color and material on the experience.Almost there with making the first version, exciting!