What do you REALLY want to do?

In a recent guest lecture at Aalto‘s MediaLab Dynamic Visualisation course where I asked each student 2 questions as a way of introduction. The first question was “what is your background?” and the second “what do you really want to do, really want to do?”

The second question I asked myself many times the past year, or maybe longer. What thoughts make me happy when I close eyes at night and what when I open them in the morning. Aside of some obvious ones, I realized more and more often that anything to do with being creative, making artsy things and teaching in one form or the other gave a jolt of energy.

By proxy, I enjoy also very much being part of a team where we together make something exciting. When I teach or consult a company that energy is there, no effort needed at all.

Do I have a focus or are these still foci? I have more than one and I think it is just who I am…