What it also means to be authentic

To be authentic on the Internet nowadays seems tricky, but if you think this, you are not authentic yet. In a way, you should not give a big one as whatever you say or write, there are always people turning to their own personal advantage and gratification. This is the age we live in, and we will get through this.

After 1 year of digital detoxing I returned to some social media sites and his morning I opened up one more social channel at LinkedIn: “Let recruiters know you’re open”. Here I faced the commercial aspect of being authentic. Do I write some slippery self-promoting text?

No, I shall not

A recent customer case taught me once a more valuable lesson. If you don’t stick to who you are and what you stand for, you engage in a relationship that drives you to do things that:

  1. Were not agreed on
  2. makes you a recipient of people’s emotional imbalance
  3. burns your energy and enthusiasm

So, here I want to write a text to prospect headhunters, but what shall I write? Be honest and be me, be authentic.

When you hire me, you get a nonconformist in your team. You zig, I zag. I am also blunt, honest and to the point. I explore also uncomfortable areas of life and business, so I can learn. Thus, you want radical innovation, then come to me. You want to keep the status quo, look further, please.

The word “honest” took me the most time to write down. Not because I am the opposite but because being honest is a spectrum, it lies on a scale. Especially when it comes to my feelings about a project, I still say to myself “well, this little extra step I can do, but then I stop adding tasks”. As you could imagine (unless you suffer from some personality disorder) this easily happens, and before you know it you went over your borders and enter a destructive zone.

Being honest means knowing oneself and having the guts to say “no”, and, “yes”. Thus, I said no to those recruiters who want to fill their portfolio. I say yes to those who have a company that wants true innovation and truly some new radical way of thinking.

Do I get masses of mails suddenly? No, I won’t.

Do I feel good? Yes, I do, as once more I added a piece of myself to me.

Is it about the customer being “this or that”? No, not really as it is my about my ability to recognize the signs early enough and take the right action