Which consciousness paradigm?


For the past ten or fifteen years I have been listening, and reading, about consciousness and reality. The one I am most interested in, and will talk about, is the idea that consciousness is outside us, our brain. So, the consciousness model that is not a result of brain or nervous system activity.

With that out of the way, let me continue to lay out the reason for this post. This morning I listened to an audio interview between two well-informed people. They verbally battled about good and evil. What I noticed was once again they spoke about different paradigms, levels of abstraction.

One person gave examples of grave misconduct on this planet by human beings. The other spoke about good and evil both not being part of consciousness, or, consciousness just is (without good nor evil). I hear one person talk about good and evil as acts and experiences of the human avatar. This is the avatar concept within the virtual reality model.

I have explained this model for example here. What this model says is that the human experience (as an avatar or character) is a subset of the Larger Consciousness System (LCS). Within this human experience we do stuff, gives labels to matters, judge matters and so forth.

From a higher abstraction, that of the LCS, both good and evil are expressions of “the same”. With the same I mean data. Imagine a computer. It runs on software. At a low level we speak about zeros and ones, about on and off, about lower and higher currents. Whether at a higher level these zeros and ones turn into a spreadsheet or a video editing software, doesn’t really matter.

It is all the same

The human experience of course can be radically different, though. So one person talks about one paradigm while the other speaks about another paradigm. I see this very often. It even happens that the same speaker flip-flops between one and the other. I didn’t hear that in the above conversation. Maybe it did happen but I stopped listening at some point. It felt like a cacophony.