30 years experience wrapped into 10 minutes

I meet nice and interesting people on the train, so also a week ago. We had a great conversation about innovation, technology and communication. The gentleman in question has in a very short time started a company, brightcharger.com. A great concept/product and I saw a promotional video which was still under wraps at the time. The gentleman asked me to give my top 3 list of items or comments. So I did and the conversation deepened.

“Give me a pitch” he asked when we came to the point where he understood I was more than the occasional train traveler, whatever that might be. I don’t do pitches, it makes my head spin. How can I wrap all that I have done, do and want to do in a 30 second word-flutter. it gives me the creepy association with the hyper fast talking that I see among many TED talk presenters. We exchanged cards and my station came in sight.

The next morning I started writing an email to him but did not know what to write. As I am busy with owlee.io and had tons of other things to do including teaching at MediaLab I could not see any plan on the horizon. Like I say in my workshops, course, lectures and counseling:
why talk about what you like to do? Do it.

So I wrapped up 30 years of experience into 10 minutes of graphic design. A gesture of maybe practical benefit rather than words of self importance.