3D CAD – Sketchup + sketchfab + Blender- part 1

Since a couple of days I convert Leena’s architectural drawings for a new residential area into 3D CAD with Sketchup. It took a while to get a grip on the Sketchup logic but I feel I am getting there. Layer and component management are key, for me at least. I like tidy and well organized documents and I need this as well as Jasper is going to render the models in Blender.

It is fantastic to see our children work on a shared project. We all work in slightly different ways with different goals in mind and with different tools. Instead of seeing frustration and irritation I see mutual respect and understanding. Lovely…

In any case, here an attempt to embed the bare bones model into my WP site.

Some progress

And here a render in Blender by Jasper: