Buffered Menu Drop-down suggestions

My examples on what I think are improvements on Buffered.app’s UI, is not negative criticism. I use Buffered as my VPN after some years of using F-Secure and I am very happy with how Buffered has evolved and actually listens to customer feedback instead of ignoring it.

This morning I once more had several occasions where the VPN connection stopped due to my wifi hickups (I think). As I wrote already yesterday, the color usage in the menu bar can be improved. This morning I realised once again “too late” my VPN was disconnected. No harm done but in this world of snooping, spying and what else have you it is better to be safe than sorry.

That aside, I took a look at the contents of the drop-down menu.

The icon is blue and we see the words:

  • Disconnect
  • Hide
  • Launch with MacOS
  • Exit

But what do they mean? Disconnect is obvious but why not offer Connect instead? I am Disconnected as my menu icon is blue.

Hide, hide what? Hide the drop-down or the main window? If the main window is not in view there is nothing to hide. Clicking on the Hide does nothing then.

Launch with MacOS sounds old, I am using a Mac and there is no need to remind me of that.

Exit, exit what? Exit the VPN connection itself meaning closing the connection. Is it exit the Buffered.app and then what happens? Does the VPN stay connected? Questions and no clear indication of what is the idea.

My first 2 proposals are:
  1. change the blue icon into orange or some color that communicates warning
  2. change Disconnect to Connect and make that an actionable item
The next proposal is, after I have pressed Connect:

remove Hide and instead offer Launch App or something along those lines

Then I think the essential functions for a menu drop-down are covered. Of course one could add items such as Preferences or My Account. But these are available after one clicks the Launch App item. I see no reason to have Hide or Exit presented in the drop-down

My simplified version is like this then:

I hope this helps someone, somewhere on this planet.

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