Climate Change Illustrations

Stop    IG jeroencarelse

These were a series of illustrations I made in 2019. There were the first very public farmer protests getting started in The Netherlands. I have worked at farms and know of the mentality of some of the farmers. My best work experience was at a farm near my home town, Schagen. These people took care of their land as it was their source of income. I remember how the pesti-/herbi-/fungicide salesman was laughed off the yard when he visited us and wanted to sell some poison. The farm was no eco-farm, the people had common sense: why eat cabbage we have been spraying with poison?

Of course I also have seen, on other places and related industries abuse and all that. The point I made with these illustrations was how the so called environmentalists take away more and more farmland in the name of doing good to the world. There is no talking sense in common people, they only repeat carefully crafted slogans. Satire is my answer…

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