Design Thinking

It is a process

there is no true beginning nor end

the clue is to benefit from change

Design Thinking is a process, Design Thinking has recurring actions and a loose order of how these actions are ordered. The key actions I have identified are:

  • Some Inspiration
  • Some Trying
  • Some Doing

There is no true beginning, Design Thinking is the innate ability of us humans to solve problems, to come up with new ideas and to try, fail and try again. These abilities can be interjected in our days at any given moment, when needed. As life, work and private, is continuous so also are those moments when we need either a problem solved, a new idea generated or something to be worked on. Maybe the moment of birth and death are the ultimate beginning and end, other than that, we Design Think the whole time.The clue is to benefit from change as Design Thinking is continuous, ubiquitous and innate to us humans I see no reason to isolate this process as something unique and special to a certain discipline or state of mind. Rather I propose to accept this dynamic process and find those moments where value can be created, extracted and exchanged.