Dutch Decay – the book

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Together with Maurits, I added the new text for the illustrations of the upcoming book, Dutch Decay. The illustrations were done last year or so with ProCreate on my iPad. These were one of the earlier illustrations I did on an iPad. The illustrations, book and videos belong to a larger project called “The End of Darkness”. This is a collective of artists who look through a sharp lens on what happened to our (cultural) identity the past decennia.

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Texts by Maurits, illustrations by me.

Solomon Wamisigo – Wa Misigo means son of Misigo – lives and works in Kenya, Maurits lives and works in The Netherlands, and I live and work in Finland. Maurits had already written a book on the decline of the Dutch welfare state and cultural identity, in Dutch. Solomon had worked already for decennia with the late Peter Beard on artworks depicting wild life in Kenya. Peter Beard has been an outspoken opponent of the devastating intentions of the “do-gooders” on the African identity. With the do-gooders, he meant the so called left-liberal-green technocrats, corporations, foundations and NGOs.

I am mostly interested in free speech and the free application science, without the restrictive and biased funding schemes. During my time in Finland I have seen and experienced the effects of the “do-gooders” in my work and that of others. Critical thinking is for most parts removed from the curriculum, I have witnessed with astonishment how students would bring up as an argument “but Wikipedia says…” “but the New York time writes…”. And this in courses about data analysis and visualization…