Freedom of thought and expression and democracy

Many people use the words freedom of speech and democracy in one sentence. Many people assume that freedom of speech is a natural part of a democracy but I think they are wrong in various ways. Democracy as we have it now, not the various academic theories, is a melting pot. This melting pot includes people who have money and those who have less. It also includes people who have a voice and those who have not. Those with a voice can dictate to a large extend what the others get to hear.

We have reached a moment in history where technology and policies enable us to communicate with one another. We can still share some of our opinions but this has eroded already surprisingly rapidly. I have to think who I speak to and what I am saying. Anything critical of immigration, politics, financial systems, the climate puts me in a nazi box, flags me as a conspiracy theorist or worse. But what is a democracy when one cannot share information or ask questions?

The large internet moguls bring us their Artificial Intelligence to so called help us. I see no intelligence there at all only a funneling system to support their objective: buy stuff and think as we want you to. This is fine as they should have the right to do that but what I disagree with is the magnitude and the impact. Many people do not see this and believe what they read and see is a fact. Many people believe that government protects them from this and do no think any more about it. Some people think they are immune to this.

In my world view there is no one who enables me to say what I want to say or do what I want to do but me, myself. It is my obligation to fight for that and it is my will to create something that enables others. Here I find myself at a crossroad. Should the other also not fight for his or her own rights instead of me doing that? Reality is I am in a position I can do this but many other people cannot. I deeply care about a society that is productive, friendly, considerate and that wants to improve itself. Without the free flow of crazy and weird ideas I see we stagnate.

These weird and crazy ideas could be offensive, absurd or simply incomprehensible but they are part of allows us to move forward. If I am not allowed to share these crazy thoughts and I cannot find the crazy ramblings of other people as my information flow is filtered I consider myself to live in a sort of prison camp.  What I want is to be free to think and express what I want without having to worry about loosing customers, a job or do damage to my family. Some of this will always be out of my control of course. At this point in time I see too many fearful people who bend to the will of those with a voice. If I can enable them to function in a free and open society again I have done something good again.