Industrial water cleaning and mining simulation

About a year ago (2016) I went together with some business associates to a Finnish industrial manufacturing company. We proposed a to build a service that would among others teach employees the complexities of running an industrial (mining) water purification plant. Nothing came from this attempt but I got private feedback a while later that my presentation and explanations were much appreciated. My biggest thrill during the meeting was when a hard core engineer changed from sitting with his arms crossed to the one being the most enthusiastic. He reminded me of my father, a super practical, no-nonsense engineer with both feet in reality.

The core of my concept was to connect real-time, real world data from the company’s plants and surroundings to a scenario environment. Within this virtual environment one party could define possible calamities whilst another party would try to solve this. This is very much akin a flight simulator situation for instructing and testing pilots. We also took into consideration environmental, political and financial data as that has real world impact.

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