Metso Nokia Hansaprint Avantone 2002-2003

Here some pages I could find in my archive on this wonderful project. I worked for Metso Automation as an external consultant in 2002 – 2003. My role was to help the team to understand and integrate the perspective designers have in a service development process.

A crucial piece of advice was that my customer should go beyond identifying people with the tile of designer but rather look at which actors share the same needs or role “designers” have. This expanded significantly the scope as my research showed that the materials we created for “designers” could very well be used by e.g. the custom services.

This would result in cost savings and time savings. If we would have gone forward with the strict focus on the designers we would have discovered later that many other actors should have received the same or similar information and that we have ignored a large user base.

And as with many of the corporate and industrial projects I have done, the customer often started out to be very skeptical and reluctant towards design. It is (was?) an image issue but as I was fortunate enough to be very interested in my customer’s business and often knew something about it I could give early on relevant examples on how design could contribute and enrich their work, that of their customers and customer’s customers.

My input also earned me a share in a patent although the technical innovation goes to the other 2 patent holders. The project became a joint project between Metso +  Nokia + Hansaprint and continued under the name  Avantone Ltd.

What you see below is all I salvaged through digital archaeology. I think when you read the text you will see that it is easy to read, down to earth and void of unnecessary jargon. And before I forget, I did all the text and illustrations. I tend to forget to mention it on my site but basically all you see are my ideas, my writing (including mistakes) and my  visual design/expression/whatever.

An introduction text on the role of design within the project and organization. As I will explain to SEK, the design agency in Helsinki, design and design thinking happens at all levels and should not be delegated to designers alone.
One of a series illustrations that shows in a consistent and structured way at which stage during the package (design, manufacturing, shipping…) process our patent has a role to play. The role is captured with a select set of predefined words such as “Brand Protection”. The definition is in another part of the document. Then in the last row I list which actors have a role to play during that phase. We understood this to be a living document and things will be discovered in the future as we implement technologies.
in the same flow another illustration with the same structure and logic applied
One of the pages about how designers could approach the use of the Diffractive Optics technologies. This has a strong user centered design perspective as my assumption is that a good designer very much takes the needs, desires, wishes, habit, attitudes and the circumstances of the end user into consideration.

What follows are the more technical documents on color and refraction of light.