Rescuing the internet

Wow! What a pompous title. Good it caught your attention as it is needed. I am at a very good spot in my life. I think I am healthy, I feel happy and see the close people around me respond very well to me. The latter is my measuring stick for how well I am doing. With this out of the way, here we go.

As you might see from the topics I write about occasionally I move around in the world of the weird and unfamiliar. I feel much at ease at this thin membrane between the occult and apparent. During my decades of reading and learning about the weird in many different cultures I have come to the conclusion that much is shared across those cultures. Many in the field agree on this, I am not alone, yeah!

But I am not an academic, I am a crafts person and need to translate what’s in my head onto paper, canvas, screen, in wood or anything that I can share with other people and that can be used. There is this intrinsic need to be myself and to do what I think is good for others. I fail, of course, often and especially when I believe I know what is good for others. But I also get better at removing the superficial cultural varnish and see what lays underneath.

The chance the internet offers us to freely communicate is rapidly taken out of our hands. The small let’s do no evil kind of startups morphed into globally dominating entities. The culture of let’s enable people to communicate is by “we know better” and you swallow and shut up or we suppress your voice. And now people have stood up against this and pockets of resistance are. I am actively part of one such pocket and I support various mesh networks.

Each culture has it’s own values and ideologies and I think that is beautiful. If a culture is about mutual support, acceptance and growth it ought to be applauded, not punished. I am not for the use of violence when someone else thinks differently or says something that upsets me. I can easily use violence when violence it turned against me. Ideally various cultures learn to exchange with one another and simply let the other culture’s values for what they are. No need to change them and no need to swallow their attempts to change you.

human icon Created by Gan Khoon Lay from the Noun Project