Visualizing Personality part 3

Read Part 1 and Part 2 if you have not done so, it makes more sense then

I found I made a drawing mistake in Withdrawal and Volatility. Those are corrected now in the new graphs and as it does not matter for the story I am telling I leave then in in the previous graphs.

The next graphs deals with me compared to the average. Earlier on I establish that average means a bracket, a band of perhaps 15 percentile points rather than something that is exactly sitting at 50%.

But how to compare against a band of 15%? Let me first show how it looks like when I do as if average is exactly at 50%

What is going to happen when I add a band of about 15% to the graph. This band shall obfuscate the scores that fall within this band. The story is then: all within the band (average) is irrelevant.

Does a gradient help me?

Not so much in my opinion but this could be explored further. Still, the colors are not good. Green suggests good and red suggest bad. This is not necessarily the case at all in this assessment. We deal with high and low and a spectrum of classification like extremely high.

What happens when we replace the surface area with lines?

Without color

No my question is: does this tell the story I want to tell and you to understand? So far I am not convinced this graph tells you a lot about my personality. A person who analyses and compares this graph a lot shall see instantly the outliers or extremes. If the 5 sections and it’s sub sections are consistent across graphs and you have the experience you will be able to create a summary in your mind of what personality this graph represents.

Then we might as well use areas or surfaces.

As a final comparison the dark grey version and the colored version. There is a lot that can be done to improve and explore but it is good for now. Up to a new project.

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