About Dystopian Landscape

Dystopian Landscape

Dystopian Landscape is the fifth painting since I last time wrote about painting and my paintings. Three paintings I took off the wall and one of them has become Dystopian Landscape. I still need to write about Loneliness, Desire, Singularity 1 and Singularity 2.

My work space with stuff all over the place.

In Dystopian Landscape, the themes loneliness and singularity come together within a dystopian context. While I paint I listen to either music or interviews with people. This definitely influences how I think and how I paint.

The interview I started with was Dave Emory talking with Jim DiEugenio on the Kennedy assassination and Congo, FTR #1031. Those stories gave me already a feeling of hopelessness and despair, but not that serious so don’t worry. To top it off, I repeat-played Night in Pripyat by DJ Blyatman & XS Project.

To me, hard-bass and especially the Slav version, bring me easily in a sort of focussed and trance state. This sounds like a contradiction perhaps but to me it is not. The repetition silences my thinking and also isolates me from the environment. But it works and I try to register in more detail when it fails.

One point of failure I have discovered in the meantime. I stagnate when I watch too many videos on artists. This happened the past three days, hence the (three) failed paintings. My mind begins to take too many external ideas and I get this urge to want to try those. It does not work for me, yet.

At work on Dystopian Landscape. I add in a grid of Singularity thingies, don’t know how this will evolve.