About Women In The Surf – 2019

About Women In The Surf

Women In The Surf is once more a coming together of various lines of thinking and keywords. The overall themes are the world of consciousness and this material world, and, my memories of being at the beach in my teenage years.

As with Woman Emerging From Red, Women In The Surf depicts what the body could have been. Location, position and parts of the body are abstracted and offset and even cut off. The paintings are not about depicting reality, this is a futile exercise anyway. Nothing is as real as the reality itself, why bother.

It is not my intention to make a painting a puzzle which the viewer needs to decipher. I paint because I love to act of painting. I also paint as I want to understand myself how I depict my reality. I could not care more at this phase to paint “realisticaly” but I can appreciate those painters who can do that and produce beautiful works of art.

Women In The Surf is about what might have been, about how I might remember the reality. It is vague and always changes. The beach theme plays a significant role in my creative ponderings. Not often I have depicted it though. The beach was my recluse, away from home and school. It was even the nudist beach which became the place to be, away from the endless showing off at the conventional beach.

The latter is a topic worth elaborating on as this brings in a specific feel or energy into my paintings. Nudeness is not exciting to me and the opposite feels closer to the truth. On the conventional beach for example it was so much about the sexification of the body. At the nude beach however I had the feeling people left eachother alone. Some exceptions aside of course, those allways are present.

So when I paint a figure my default is nude as this body lacks the sexification for me. It is, not concealed or hiding something. This concealement tells me about something special is hidden, the excitement. Thus I paint a silouette which transgresses into the surrounding. This is all I need to tell about the body at that point in time and location.