Between Heaven and Earth

Between Heaven and Earth

18 January 2020

Between Heaven and Earth started with the decision, to have once again, two paintings side by side. They are to some extent, each other’s opposite or at least complement each other in a certain way. During writing, I do not yet know how this will develop.

Between Heaven and Earth – Saturday afternoon

I wanted to test further my composition and use the same elements, the circle combined with the rectangle. A painting on the cover of the book on Beauty by late Roger Scruton inspired me to divide the painting into three segments. Then the title “Between Heaven and Earth” popped into my mind.

Next I knew I saw the directions from Earth to Heaven, and, from Heaven and Earth. Or bottom to top, and, top to bottom. The circle and rectangle became the portals. In one painting they are dark and unknown, in the other light and perhaps unknown as well. I do not know what they actually represent aside of the connecting element.

The most exciting bit is the space in between Heaven and Earth.

19 January 2020

Between Heaven and Earth – Sunday morning

Mud tones, fiery red, whites.

I had the mud tone blocks like straight rectangles with the rounded “thingy” cutting in. But it lacked dynamics, something was amiss. The tension was simply not there. Then I saw in my mind’s eye how these “thingies” would press against a membrane. All became clear.

The right painting’s mud tone blocks should still be lighter. At first, they were the same. The reason was because my white acrylic paint has not yet arrived and I wanted to save my remaining white paint. It didn’t work, and as I found a half full tube of some other white I went ahead.

Next I bend the red line around the curved “thingy” . I still mix the mud tone lighter for the right painting. Also, I need to think about the tension more. Now it feels to soft…

Between Heaven and Earth – Sunday late afternoon

Things have become more clear now. Compression of “something” that results at the tip of the rounded “thingy”. There the color red is most dense. In the remaining of the spaces, the color shall become more gaseous. Something towards a light skin tone.

Between Heaven and Earth – Sunday evening

Getting some shape into the paintings. Now I let this all dry for one night and see how I feel about it tomorrow.

20 January 2020

Tomorrow has arrived and I have made good progress. The turbulent in between area is getting somewhere. Not sure if I should make it more finely grained or keep it rough. We see…

Tuesday 21 January

Between Heaven and Earth 1
Between Heaven and Earth 2